Sep 22, 2010
Category: General
Posted by: donakello
Olive's Soul Food has just gone online. If you are in Galway, Ireland, and want to try Kimchi (the Guinness of Korea!), or would like some soul food cooked in your kitchen, just get in touch...
Get some soul food!

About Us

Olive is a chef who was born and raised in the vibrant city of Seoul in the Republic of Korea. Having trained in the Food & Culture Korea Academy and worked in Korean embassies in Africa and busy restaurants all over the world, Olive moved to Galway, Ireland.

In Korea, Olive obtained national technical certificates in Japanese, Korean, and Western cooking. She later worked in two Korean Embassies in Africa, in Senegal and the Ivory Coast. Here she prepared food for visiting Korean ambassadors and dignitaries.

In Galway, Olive works as a Japanese chef, but continues to cook and learn about Korean food and has many international recipies.


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